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Mc Donald's "super-sized" its fries, and Americans went big with their new houses in traditional styles—Neo-colonial, Neo-Victorian, Neo-Mediterranean, Neo-eclectic, and oversized homes that became known as Mc Mansions.Many new homes built during periods of growth and prosperity borrow details from historic styles and combine them with modern features.Usonian Style Lowell and Agnes Walter House, Built in Iowa, 1950. His buildings introduced a Japanese serenity to a country largely populated by Europeans, and his notions about organic architecture are studied even today.From roughly 1900 until 1955, Wright's designs and writings influenced American architecture, bringing a modernity that became truly American.Spanish inspired styles include Pueblo Revival, Mission, and Neo-Mediterranean.Spanish, African, Native American, Creole, and other heritages combined to create a unique blend of housing styles in America's French colonies, particularly in New Orleans, the Mississippi Valley, and the Atlantic coastal Tidewater region.Find out what influenced important housing styles in the U. When North America was colonized by the Europeans, settlers brought building traditions from many different countries.Colonial American house styles from the 1600s until the American Revolution include a wide range of architectural types, including New England Colonial, German Colonial, Dutch Colonial, Spanish Colonial, French Colonial, and, of course, the ever-popular Colonial Cape Cod.

Modernist houses broke away from conventional forms, while postmodernist houses combined traditional forms in unexpected ways.Wright's Prairie School designs inspired America's love affair with the Ranch Style home, a simpler and smaller version of the low-lying, horizontal structure with a predominate chimney. Even today, Wright's writings about organic architecture and design are noted by the environmentally sensitive designer.Named after primitive thatched huts used in India, bungaloid architecture suggests comfortable informality—a rejection of Victorian-era opulence.Spanish settlers in Florida and the American Southwest brought a rich heritage of architectural traditions and combined them with ideas borrowed from Hopi and Pueblo Indians.Modern day "Spanish" style homes tend to be Mediterranean in flavor, incorporating details from Italy, Portugal, Africa, Greece, and other countries.

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When Americans can build anything they want, they do.

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