Updatecommand not updating

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Hi All, I am trying to simply use the Access Data Source to perform some simple commands...so far I have the Select and Insert working but the Update seems to ignore my parameters as the data isn't changing.Just a guess but it is probably one of the dates you're trying to update or the yes/no field.Next step would probably be to start manipulating the update data until you can get a good update then go back to your app and massage the data before doing the update.The only difference is the database table is different.I verified both tables and they look identical, as far as settings.

Next, I'd fire up SQL Profiler and catch the update statement which is trying to run then take that statement in to SQL Manager and manually see if it works there.

The Insert Command , the Update Command , and the Delete Command properties of the Sql Data Adapter Object update the database with the data modifications, that are run on a Data Set object.

The following C# code samples demonstrate how to use the Sql Data Adapter object to update a SQL Server database using Update Command properties .

I have verified that _Non_MS_Office_Licenses has a primary key that is unique.

Looking in dataset manager I see the query for fill By() is fine and it has all the insert and update stuff.

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