Ultrasound accuracy in dating pregnancy sara gilbert dating history

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Ultrasound accuracy in dating pregnancy

My first ultrasound simply verified my due date, and that I hadn't miscarried or developed an ectopic pregnancy.

A second trimester 3-D ultrasound checked for fetal abnormalities, and towards the end of my pregnancy, the ultrasounds confirmed the baby was still growing.

Ultrasounds are a staple of modern obstretrics practice, and if you're pregnant, you're probably going to have a number of them.

examined the efficacy of routine ultrasound screening in more than 15,000 low-risk pregnant women.Unfortunately, ultrasound technology, like most technologies, isn't perfect, especially when it comes second and third trimester dating and measurements.In terms of dating, the ultrasound's accuracy depends on the trimester, explains Kara Manglani, CNM, a nurse-midwife practicing in New York City and blogging at The Fertile Times.If you see a heart beat flickering, you can certainly feel reassured."While these scans are very accurate, this does not guarantee the future viability of the pregnancy," notes Manglani.

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