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The images were disturbing: not the kind of airbrushed photos you might see in magazine, but raw and aggressive pictures. And perhaps the toughest thought that kept coming into my mind: If my parents hadn't discovered his online activities, if I'd never scanned his email, wouldn't our marriage be the same as before, regardless of what Joe was up to? It's not normal, I assured myself, to spend hours on computer-generated porn when your wife is nearby in bed.It is not normal to be so addicted that you can't go without your fix — even while weekending with your in-laws.But if he isn't, leave the jerk." I stayed up all night reading Joe's emails — and I descended into the world of a stranger.

But now my parents were suggesting that something serious was going on. They could say whatever they wanted, but obviously Joe was a committed family man. I had a nice time, but on the drive home, I couldn't stop thinking about what my mother had said after Joe phoned her. "He's lying to you." Turning to my husband, I confessed that I wanted to check out his work computer, so I could reassure my parents they'd made a mistake. I went to his web browser and immediately found a bookmark for a topless site, but he just laughed, saying a colleague had put it there as a joke. With Joe waiting, I scanned the documents he'd saved to his desktop. "I'll stay with you," I finally said, breaking the silence.After a few days of debating whether to bring the issue up, I told Joe what my father had found. I was beginning to wonder what exactly I was looking for when I spied an email from Friend (an early social network and dating site). "But I need to know everything." Joe said there was nothing more to tell. "It's a fantasy — I'm not really cheating on you." After Joe left for the office the next morning, I got up the nerve to log on to his AOL account (I had made him give me his password). When he came back, he was contrite but firm: "There's nothing I can do about the past." Which was true, and I wanted to believe Joe's promise to reform. Something that normally would be no big deal now made me so agitated, I couldn't sleep.I opened it and read: "Dear Niceguy4u4ever, your profile has been approved. From Joe's online "name," it was clear what he was looking for. When we got home, Joe didn't say much, and I didn't either. In his file of sent messages, one email address looked unusual, so I opened it. Using a different email address and a masculine name, I quickly typed a letter to Heather saying a buddy had recommended her. I don't know what I was expecting, but the photo of Heather, a Las Vegas "escort" with an impossibly proportioned body, was a shock. One night, I took my son, along with some clothes and pillows, to crash in my brother's living room.And it's not normal to visit sites dedicated to sadomasochism and voyeurism — not just once out of curiosity, but over and over again.And while our marriage might be okay right now if I didn't know about Joe's secret, the fact was, I did know — and nothing would be the same again. I weighed 30 pounds more than I had when we got married.

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