Types of women to avoid dating kuwait new dating site

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There are many different types of women but there are five types in particular that men tend to avoid in order to remain in a good place.Some women can be too annoying, some clingy, and some are straight crazy.Party girl is not always there trying to hook up with someone or be noticed she is just there to party.Doing molly, shots, and God knows what else to get her energy pumping.How can you tell if the woman you want to date is one of these types.Well, there is the serial flirters, the too soon marriage talkers, the stage five clingers, the party girls and the drama queens.The most common personality disorders that you would come across in a woman on any given day are Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissism, Sociopath, and Dependent Personality Disorder.She’s the type who believes with all her heart that the world is out to get her. Drama doesn’t just follow her — she has a way of whipping it up all by herself everywhere she goes.

Don’t be fooled by all of the treats and favors she is giving you.

It IS normal to have a mutual discussion about a year or so into things.

Avoid women that talk about weddings so much because they could be planning yours the day you meet and no one wants someone that is only in it for the ceremony and not the relationship.

The so called “center of attention” is typically who the drama queen label falls on.

Not always are personality disorders a problem with this type of woman but sometimes the reason she is so sought after for attention is because she has one so beware.

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