Twitter not updating

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Twitter not updating

Step 8 – Click ‘Save Changes’ and then click on the ‘Me’ tab in the top menu to see your new Twitter profile page in all its glory. Along with the new mobile and tablet versions of the software app itself, and the obvious design changes, Twitter profiles now also have a more ‘visual’ look in general, showing off your images in a more clearer way, as well as displaying content from within tweets themselves – no need for additional browser tabs to open, etc.

I’m actually yet to update my i Pad app version and check it out, but as a pretty solid Twitter follower I’m looking forward to seeing how it runs as the last one was pretty crappy, if I’m to be totally honest.

Even when the tweets are pushed to your client by Twitter, they often require a touch or mouse click to become visible.Developers can then get their apps to auto-refresh or just notify the user that tweet events have occurred, as is the case with many Android apps.Auto-refresh can be used to leave Twitter running on a PC-connected TV, for example, without involvement from you. Here's how to stream and auto-refresh your Twitter feed using the Chrome or Firefox desktop browsers, or stream a keyword feed using social network management tool Hoot Suite's live Twitter feed tool.Here is a list of steps you can take to get the Store working and your apps downloading again.The final thing that you can do to get the Store working again is to reset Windows Update completely.

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The natural reaction probably is to close and reopen the Store or to reboot your computer when that doesn't work.

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