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Carrie Allen who, unbeknownst to Davis, is a mole working for Jack Harper.

In season 1, we find out that Davis is his middle name, although we are not told what his first or last name is. He and Lindsay were formerly together, however, she broke it off, and married an old friend. In the season 1 finale "Two Weddings and a Funeral", Harrison is shot and killed by the jealous ex-husband of a woman he had just met.

Years before his appearance, he works as a paramedic.

Tru then manages to find someone else who asks for help and Tru saves Jensen from this fate on her rewind day.

His corpse asks Tru for help, but Jack warns her that saving him will cause someone else to have to die to take his place.

At the end of the episode, Jack's manipulations cause Luc to get shot instead of Harrison. His father implies he has plans for him, but as the show was canceled this was never resolved.

However, Tru is just beginning to learn of the consequences of saving someone who does not ask for help.

According to online remarks made by the writers if the second season had continued Jensen would eventually have become so fascinated with mortality as a result of his near death experience that he becomes a serial killer.

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Jack claims that the woman can prove Tru's story, and manipulates Luc into going to her house carrying flowers, causing her ex to shoot him instead of Harrison. Jack Harper works for him, and they both share the same ideology. He is credited as Special Guest Star in the second season. Carrie Allen is Davis's love interest for the second season, and unknown to Davis, works as a mole for Jack. Had the series continued the character would have developed real feelings for Davis as is hinted in 'Twas the Night Before Christmas... However he would discover that she had killed her violent and abusive husband and it would then be his dilemma whether to turn her in or not.

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