Trisha dating someone

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Trisha dating someone

It is quite likely they would have met when Varun would have visited Trisha to sign her for a film.

It is said she and Varun hit it off instantly, and after some thought decided to make an announcement of their engagement. It was 23rd January 2015, and the venue was Varun’s residence in Chennai.

She had even said that since she is one of the top actresses in the Tamil and Telugu industry and these are nothing but attempts to malign her image.

She may have had half a point, seeing as Vijay was married with kids, and Trisha is a staunch believer in keeping marriage sacred, no Trisha Krishnan marriage to Vijay was ever a deal.

Trisha wore a gorgeous pink saree which was custom designed for her by the popular fashion designer Neeta Lulla, and she also wore a stunning diamond necklace to go with it.

Varun was seen sporting a cream colour kurta with a silk dhoti.

Rana and Trisha were often spotted making an entry at events and parties together, and would often choose a seat next to each other.The case of the long awaited Trisha Krishnan marriage is one perplexing affair.It is a tale of a popular actress making an unanticipated announcement of her engagement, and then calling it off three months later as candidly as she had once announced it.This entire Trisha Krishnan marriage episode came as a shock to many people anyway, so obviously the break up was just as bad.While many thought the decision was spontaneous, there were actually a series of events that triggered the dissolution of the engagement.

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In spite of the various conjectures of the breakup, did you know the reasons for her dissolved engagement were one unhappy family, a verbal spat, and the son-in-law of the Tamil superstar Rajinikanth? Here we go…[Read More: Ram Charan’s Wedding]Trisha was born in the year 1983, and initially didn’t have much of an interest in getting into show business.