Trina and plies dating

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Trina and plies dating

Well Trina was going out with a famous rapper named Lil Wayne.When they broke up Nicki Minaj started going out with him but seriously, he only wants to date shay or any other girl that he's attracted it's really going to be hard to go on a date with plies.Both were largely successful, with the first released in early and the latter released in the fall of The album was preceded by the lead single , " Single Again " on November 6, Trina was able to choose her own production, name the songs, and write whatever she wanted to write.Plies was arrested on July 2, for illegal gun possession while two of his people were charged with attempted murder after a shooting broke out at West Nightclub in Gainesville, Florida. First-week sales were 47, The third and final single from the album, "Look Back at Me", featuring Killer Mike and produced by Hard Hat Productions, was a regional hit club record.A few of her raps such as "Still I Rise" and " 5 Star Chick" she was braging.She said things like: ask Lil Wayne whos this and that.

“I came into the game under the guys,” Trina told Steve Lobel exclusively.

“I came in the game in the era when Eve came in the game. Being an artist myself, being independent is more prominent to me than being on a major label.

During her conversation with Steve Lobel, Trina reflected on her relationship with Eve, whom she worked with on the Philadelphia emcee’s 2001 offering, “Gangster Bitches” featuring Da Brat, as well as Ludacris’ 2010 “My Chick Bad Remix.”“Love Eve,” Trina said. In the state of music in which we are, there are not a lot of major deals like that anymore.

no he ain't dead i live next door to him By: Kanesha Daniels Sylvania, GA i heard that he did not get killed, i heard that he got shot by the rapper PLIES but I'm not completely…

Man dis how i feel, i feel dat plies is da realist nikkah out dare n fa trick daddy he str-8 2 bt still i thank plies gt hands bt plies do gt alot of mouth doe so he deserve ta gt his azz beat up fa gne slyde...

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Diamond Princess album After promotion for her debut album ended in mid, Trina began recording music with Missy Elliott to create her second studio album.

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