Tribal wars self updating maps datingver ru

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Tribal wars self updating maps

To get back to your medieval village, visit the game page of the browser game Tribal Wars.

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The idea behind this endgame concept, is the build and upgrade of a "World wonder" as a winning condition.

You can find more information in the following page: Age of Enlightenment As the weeks and months pass, you may find that your tribe is slowly creeping across the map and gaining a stranglehold on the world.

After a tribe has won, the world will automatically go to peace settings and will eventually be closed.

The Age Of Enlightenment is a type of Endgame, introduced in July 2019 in which players or tribes will need to conquer one of the special University villages and upgrade the University on a certain level.

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The newly spawned "copy" of the secret is just as good as the original!

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