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Trey smith dating kardashian

She is the sister of Jaden Smith and the half-sister of Willard Carroll “Trey” Smith III. They provide assistance for Zambian children who have become orphaned because of AIDS.Willow Smith made her acting debut with her father’s movie called I Am Legend. The 47-year-old actress dressed up as the Genie as she joined husband Will Smith on the purple carpet on Tuesday night (May 21) in Hollywood, Calif.Will‘s kids Trey, Jaden, and Willow also supported their dad at the premiere.Thankfully, she seems savvy enough to turn on the drama for the cameras, but not take it home with her.Even though he's now a DJ and electronic music producer, Trey made his showbiz debut at just 5 years old in Will Smith's music video for "Just the Two of Us." He stood on a prop ship in his little v-neck sweater, saying, "Now dad, this is a very sensitive subject…" It was adorable, and both the song and the video were a huge hit, reaching No. Not to mention, this was back when they still showed music videos on TV, so it was a big deal for Trey to be in it.Willow also has her appearance in shows like True Jackson and VP.

But in 2013 she was considered too old for the role and was replaced by Quvenzhané Wallis.

Jaden's twitter account alone is enough to shine a spotlight on the whole family, with its signature all-caps style and pseudo-existential musings: "Im Not A Person." But there is another Smith child, a half-brother to Jaden and Willow, named Trey Smith.

He's Will's son from his first marriage, and he's not nearly the public figure his younger siblings have become.

Trey also produced Willow's track, "Why Don't You Cry," and cross promotes his own music through Jaden's multifaceted brand, MSFTS.

The three Smith kids also collaborated on a touching Mother's Day video for VH1 in which Jaden, of course, had to be weird and compare himself to a painting or something. Okay, we're done talking about Jaden in this article about Trey. ), Fletcher explained that as Will's career grew larger, she felt smaller.

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Willow Smith is only 17 and her career has just begun.

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