Trent reznor dating history

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Trent reznor dating history

If you're actually interested (can't imagine too many people are still interested in either Trent or Tori other than to lament how boring they've become), check out the lyrics to Tori's "Caught a Lite Sneeze." "Professional Widow," from the same album, is clearly a song directed at Courtney Love.

In the 90s, he told an interviewer, he'd make out with his male bandmate to shoo the groupies away.I think it's because he's finally met his match in kink; Maandig is quite a freaky slut.He met that tranny looking Phillipina wife of his on Twitter.Who knows what the truth is, maybe Trent perceived his relationship with Tori as more casual than Tori ever did.I vaguely remember Magdalene (beloved DL poster) posting a while ago about how she heard rant-y messages left on Trent's manager's (?

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I loved his first albums; I thought they were raw & authentic. R24, at the time, I thought the rumour about Love was reasonable because both of them were hardcore drug addicts.

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