Transgender dating in twin cities

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They host pool tournaments and have a smoking porch out back, which is fantastic in the summer and offers lots of natural light when day drinking. They have a patio where you can do a variety of things…smoke, make out on one of the many seating arrangements, drink, fill in the blank.

There is an open fire bar to keep you warm (which is sometimes important in Minnesota), but be very careful for loose clothing, scarves or long hair near the flame. Open Tue-Fri 4 pm to 2 am and Sat-Sun 10 am to 2 am. Paul (I know, shhhh), but it’s one of the only bars in the Twin Cities that was at one point deemed a “Lesbian Bar”.

Alas, like most queer scenes, you can get a case of “it’s a small world” real quick.

One great think about Minneapolis is that I’m constantly amazed to find new queer “groups” and people that I never knew existed before, even if they somehow still know everyone you know.

The list below tends to have the most queer girls hanging out just on regular, non-event nights.

Bring your friends or come alone and make some new friends.

It’s a dance party with local DJ’s spinning great R & B, old and new hip-hop, house and more. Berlin is an Indie Queer Revolution Dance Party (say that three times fast).

The music typically strays from top 40 stuff you’ll hear at most other clubs.

We also offer 9n Dines ( Dine_Policy/)on Friday evenings throughout the golf season.

This is not tournament golf or league play, however, all levels of golfers must observe proper golf etiquette and pace of play ( The benefits of membership include the ease and convenience of having pre-organized events, at negotiated rates, often at premium courses. You may participate in most social events without becoming a paid member - certain exclusions apply.

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