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Occasionally, the Multiple Endings are also couched with a non-linear plot — in which case, it can become frustrating-verging-on-impossible to find any of the multiple endings, especially if there are multiple "threads" in the plot. Compare & contrast Multiple-Choice Future and Multiple-Choice Past.

power, but give them a better ending if they can succeed.

With the globalization of the video game business, just about every successful series sees a worldwide release.

Sure, niche titles here and there might remain exclusive to Japan, but when you think about long-running franchises, like Nintendo’s , it’s pretty much a given that each and every installment will make its way to the rest of the world sooner or later.

Basic entries are often now referred to as “shoot ‘em ups” (which sounds like what your grandpa would call them) or “shumps” (which sounds like what your grandpa would call them after three beers).

Particularly over-the-top shoot ‘em ups, though, earn the title “bullet hell shooters,” also called family of games, the majority of which are single-handedly produced by creator ZUN.

It has become so crazy that I can accurately predict a shop’s lifespan to within the nearest couple of months.

This invariably occurs in adaptations to other media, such as novels, comics and television.

Video games have the technical means to solve said problem with an Old Save Bonus, wherein the previous game's conclusion becomes the player's personal canon in the sequel.

Despite having hardware specifications far inferior to the Fujitsu FM Towns and Sharp X68000 personal computers, the massive install base and steady flow of game titles (in particular "dōjin" style dating sims and RPGs, as well as early games of the Touhou Project and Valis franchise) kept it as the favored platform for PC game developers in Japan until the rise of the DOS/V clones.

Partial list of PC-98 models sold in the Japanese market (no 1992-2000 models, no notebook models, etc.).

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) Multiple Endings are the most commonly seen form of Story Branching in video games, used primarily to increase their Replay Value, especially visual novels, role playing games, Survival Horror, dating sims, and fighting games.

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