Totaly interracial dating

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Totaly  interracial dating

Codie said “two things I found really inspiring were The Black List, the documentary, and 112 Weddings, which was an HBO doc, by Doug Block,” she said.

“Both of those were very straightforward: You’re just talking to a person or a couple about a thing, and that was it.

“We would have left so much footage unexplored, and so many stories that we couldn’t have done anything at all with,” Tommy said.

“The more we shot, the more we discovered what this thing was, what it needed to be.”When they pitched the series to OWN, the network immediately “got it, and also the need for something positive, especially given what was going out politically and everything else.

The previous 12 episodes are on OWN’s site and on Amazon.

“Everybody’s circumstances around things are different, and the more we’re able to get that specificity from them, the more interesting the story to someone who’s not going through any of that, and the more helpful it is to someone who is.”“One of the big takeaways from season one, and just interviewing so many couples, period, was: Couples that stay together, no matter the issue, or issues, stay together because they want to,” Codie said.Later, after filming some interviews closer to home, they took a two-week road trip from New York to Atlanta, filming two or three interviews a day, with each lasting one or two hours. “The idea is meant to create an intimate environment where it’s just a conversation.”Codie pointed out that “no one’s really comfortable talking about their marriage to strangers with a camera.”So they began interviewing people by simply asking couples for advice.Black Love is an intimate, close-up series—just a couple sitting on a couch talking through the ups and downs of their relationship—because that’s how it’s filmed. As Tommy explained, “ Not that any relationship is the same—helping us understand what you’ve gone through, it helps.”Framing the conversation that way helps the couples open up, he said.And them doing the show opened up the door for a lot more Black Love—specifically, Black Love as a theme, or Black Love as a brand.”Codie pointed out that Davis and Tennon—and other season-one couples—agreed to talk before the project became a television show.Instead, they said yes because it “seems like an important thing I should be a part of.

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Its first season had Viola Davis and her husband, Julius Tennon, thanks to a chance meeting in a parking lot.

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