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The intersection between this age-old misogyny and new information technologies is reshaping our politics and culture in a way we may only dimly understand — and may not be prepared to confront.Abe (not his real name) has dealt with loneliness for a long time.It was a crushing blow, and Abe turned to the internet for support.He found incel communities on Reddit, ones that helped reaffirm his belief that his looks were responsible for his terrible dating experience.The group eventually became a community, one that began using a phrase to describe their romantic troubles — “involuntary celibacy.” Later the term would get shortened: “incel.” The teenager, now a man who uses the handle “Reformed Incel” to keep his internet history out of his offline life, recalls the online incel world of the 1990s and 2000s fondly.It was a welcoming place, one where men who didn’t know how to talk to women could ask the community’s female members for advice (and vice versa).

It wasn’t a short walk — the subway would have been faster — but Chung and her roommate, So Ra, wanted to enjoy the sunshine. On the way there, a van hopped the curb onto the sidewalk and slammed into pedestrians.What I’ve found is more than just a community twisted into a grotesque parody of its original shape.I’ve found a story of how the deepest prejudices in a society can take purchase in new settings due to technology — transforming not only online spaces but real lives and potentially even the trajectory of our politics.When he finally got the nerve to ask her out, she said yes, and they dated for a month.But during that time, she cheated on Abe with her ex and eventually got engaged to him.

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