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Taking on more work in an already stressful high school situation may sound like madness to some, but for others the payoff could be huge. The matter of paying college athletes has made such a buzz in the sporting scene.I learned a lot during my freshman year, though, and as I learned I began to focus on more productive things.

High schools are full of rumors and drama - don't get sucked into arguments caused by something a friend of a friend might have seen. Most of bad break-ups and horrible fights of high school dating could have been avoided if the couple had made an effort to talk to one another about problems instead of jumping to conclusions. Don't push your boundaries, and don't let anyone else cross them.

If you don't know what the boundaries are in your relationship, establish them before you end up in an uncomfortable situation. Remember that after high school, life changes dramatically.

Once you know your boundaries, demand that they be respected. Sometimes the strongest boundaries are mental, or emotional. That's not to say that you can't form a lasting relationship at a young age, it just means that you need to be ready for long distance and a whole new set of problems as an adult.

I am now a firm believer in accepting all of someone when you truly love them.

This includes their perfections, flaws and supporting them in what they love to do.

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I don’t expect the need to be patient will ever go away (not that it’s a bad thing). Being the girlfriend of a college athlete has forced me to always be on a schedule and stick to my organization methods if I want to stay sane.