Timothy martins dating scam

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Timothy martins dating scam

He came here to lodge a police report with us on Dec 9," Supt Mohd Roy said.

The police traced the Malaysian woman who opened the bank accounts and arrested her and a Nigerian man at a bank branch in Sentul on Dec 15.

Since October, five people have lost a total of RM2mil to these gangs.

They usually use Malaysian women to convince victims of the "special officer" on social media.

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From The Star, a Malaysian newspaper and news media company, sent in by Ultrascan AGI.The Saudi Arabian businessman was then directed to wire the sum into these three accounts."The businessman only realised he had been tricked when the real South Korean company contacted him to ask why he had not responded to their e-mail.The syndicate that consisted of 10 people is believed to have been operating from within Malaysia for as long as five years and may have targeted other high-value business transactions among foreigners."Their method of hijacking a deal was simple, yet hard to detect," said Wangsa Maju OCPD Supt Mohd Roy Suhaimi Sarif, who said the syndicate would create an e-mail account similar to their victim's business partner to intercept their online discussions.

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