Thoughts dating your best friend

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Thoughts dating your best friend

She got back home during her two week vacation from work and we met up the very evening she returned.But something within me changed when I saw her this time around. It felt weird to even look at her as my best friend.If you have an attractive and charming best friend of the opposite sex, big chances are, you may have fallen in love with them at some point of time or are secretly in love with them even now.[Read: Are you experiencing a big crush or is it limerence?

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[Read: Are you really falling for your best friend?

] We met each other all the time, and she told me everything about her new life, her work, the guys she was dating, and everything else. Telling her that I loved her wasn’t the stupid part though.

You know your best friend is still is not over him when she reacts badly to the mention of his name.

If remembering him pushes her to tears or makes her explode, it means the wounds are still fresh, so you should respect her and give her time to move on.

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If he cheated on your closest friend, who says he won’t do the same thing to you? Lastly, cheaters are not worth losing a friend you’ve been with for years.

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