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Thermoluminescence dating of brazilian indigenous ceramics

Ceramic sherds are also found, also in small quantities, but with a bean-impression decoration, in a half-dozen sites of the Mikoshiba-Chojukado sites of southwestern Japan, also dated to the late Pre-ceramic period.These pots are bag-shaped but somewhat pointed at the bottom, and sites with these sherds include the Odaiyamamoto and Ushirono sites, and Senpukuji Cave.) is a village in Greece that is located near Volos, a city located within the municipality of Aisonia.The municipality is located within the regional unit of Magnesia that is located within the administrative region of Thessaly.The ceramic sherds are not decorated and are very small and fragmentary.Recent thermoluminescence dating of the sherds themselves returned a 13,000-12,000 BP date.It look that the ' Gods' messed up with our website ....

In sediments dated between 15,430 and 18,300 calendar years before the present (cal BP) were found sherds from at least two pots.

Their houses were small, with one or two rooms, built of wood or mudbrick in the early period.

Construction techniques later became more homogeneous and all homes were built of adobe with stone foundations.

Recently redated ceramic sherds from the Paleolithic/Neolithic cave site of Xianrendong in the Yangtse Basin of central China in Jiangxi province hold the earliest established dates, at 19,200-20,900 cal BP years ago.

These pots were bag-shaped and coarse-pasted, made of local clay with inclusions of quartz and feldspar, with plain or simply decorated walls.

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The oldest fragments researched at Sesklo place development of the culture as far back as c. The aceramic levels at Sesklo also contained bone fragments of domesticated cattle.

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