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The sims 3 egypt online dating

I've determined that the next secret hiding place for Hatsheput and Ramses is underneath the market itself. Find this secret basement chamber and deliver any clues you find in chests to Dalida Barakat." Follow the tomb icon and it should lead you pretty much to the door of the tomb but if you have trouble finding it, it's behind the adventurer's goods shop. There are stairs leading down to the actual Market Chamber.

Go past all the stalls and down the stairs at the end.

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NOTE: In this next area, all the doors will have colored tiles on the floor in front of them.You should check it out for clues." Find the tomb icon on the map and visit the house.To get into the tomb, look on the left side (if you were looking at the front) and you'll find a hole in the ground and some discolored stone behind it. You have to be invited into the house before you can use the stairs that are revealed.There's a chest in one of the side rooms at the bottom of the stairs and some Nectar in one of the others.When you're ready, place the keystone into the glowing slot. NOTE: In this room with the three doors requiring keystones, the door on the right can be opened after you collect a keystone from the Queen's Chambers tomb.

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