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Dave was only a few meters away by now and sees the weave coming and so turns his bike to go around the opposite side of the taxi, unfortunately the wet of the road had other ideas, and instead of providing him with the necessary grip, it takes the wheels right from under his bike and sends him on a skid down the road.Dave is an experienced rider and so is reasonably relaxed and fully aware of what is happening as he is skidding down the road, and while on this new angled journey with the bike, sending sparks up and around him, he managed to sigh with relief, knowing for sure that he had managed to avoid hitting the taxi before the skid kicked in and that he had continued to miss it as he went zipping past.In the end, the agency having been forced to squirm a little after receiving pressure from the school, managed to pull out of the bag some sort of lame excuse that we were all in fact actually covered up to a maximum of 10,000 baht per incident and that is all that they could offer Dave to ‘help’ with his hospital fees.The fact that 10,000 baht wouldn’t even pay for wiping his arse in the hospital is neither here nor there and even now, despite claims and promises to the contrary, we have all failed to see any paperwork to support any insurance cover going forward despite reassurances that we are all now covered.As for the taxi driver who caused all this mayhem in the first place, well he only hung around long enough to file a report with the police to claim for 50,000 baht compensation.This he claimed was for “being made to jump with fright by the stupid Farang having a motosai accident” and he even expected Dave to pay for it too…but more on this later.It was about five days later that we finally found out where he was and what actually happened.Dave is sat next to me now checking that my facts are right as I write this and this is his account of what happened…

Dave did try to find this helpful guy some weeks later to thank him but was unable to track him down.This caused him and the bike to flip up and as such somersaulted him up into the air.Normally this wouldn’t have been too bad in itself (well all things considered that is) but this particular curb happened to have the roadside equivalent to slugger Jones the world wrestling champion of lamp posts backing him up and as Dave went sailing through the air, arms and legs akimbo, slugger Jones the lamp post stepped in and rugby tackled him around the midriff and deciding as it did so to keep hold of him.With a clarity that often comes when in this situation from heightened senses, he realised as he was skidding along that because the road was clear ahead, he felt comfortably sure that he would merrily skid along until the whole experience ran out of steam, be able to pick himself up, dust himself off and happily get back on his way, subject of course to his bike being able to do so.Unfortunately, as is so often the case in Bangkok, things were conspiring against him and no sooner was he into and enjoying his skid along the wet greasy road when a rather large curb came running up and decided to intervene with a sliding tackle…

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This sent poor Dave into a spin around the lamppost, resulting in a Boston crab manoeuvre being performed followed by an elbow crash to the head to make sure he stayed down.

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