The asp net counters are not updating

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Hyper Link file Link = new Hyper Link(); file Link.

Add(Count, file Link, perf Counters); Can anyone please point me to where I am going wrong?

Here is the code from the C# code behind file that controls the creation of the hyperlink.

I'm not sure it will help resolve the problem though since I have commented almost all of it out at one point and it still didn't make a difference.

When it is being run in the console app for testing and such, I would not.

To String " have been updated") Else push_to_log("Failure: " xp(3). Add("array List In View State", log Array List) new Cell.

that I am using as a sort of "log" for processing output.

The idea is that the user selects several files and clicks a button, and each file is "processed" with the log showing what is happening. Here is the relevant processing segment: Protected Sub Do Async Work() Dim count = 0 For Each row As Grid View Row In gv List.

The service itself is pretty bare and really only creates the appropriate objects in the class library and tells it to start.

There is also a console application that runs the same code for testing, debugging, etc.

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I'm working on a website for my company that will allow us to house and distribute . When a user hits the repository site and chooses to view either XML or HTM Templates, the the page looks in a directory (~/Perfmon Templates/) and lists out all of files of the type that the user specified. I've tried the CTRL F5 trick to see if it was browser cache that was interfering.

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