Telegraph dating username

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Telegraph dating username

The price of the newspaper was reduced to one penny.

The Daily Telegraph outsold The Times within a year, as The Times was being sold for seven pence.

The circulation of the Daily Telegraph under Viscount Camrose rose from 100,000 copies in 1930 to over one million copies in 1947.

The circulation practically doubled in just one day on 1st December 1930, due to the reduction in price from two pence to one penny.

The Berry brothers split their newspaper holdings in 1937; William Berry (1st Viscount Camrose) retained The Financial Times and the Daily Telegraph, whilst Gomer Berry (1st Viscount Kemsley) formed the Kemsley newspaper group, which included The Sunday Times, the Sunday Graphic and the Daily Sketch.

Baron Camrose purchased the Morning Post on 24th August 1937, which was the favoured newspaper of the retired officer class.

Paying attention to the smaller details in our Telegraph back issues, such as advertisements, opens up a unique view of what life was like at the time.

The Daily Telegraph is part of the Telegraph Media Group and is owned by identical twin brothers, Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay.

On the death of Viscount Camrose in 1954, his younger son, Michael Berry, became Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Telegraph.

Though the paper backed the Liberal Party under William Gladstone in the early years, the paper supported the Conservative Party at the 2005 General Election.

You can gain a more a more in-depth look on this event using our services to search our Daily Telegraph front page archives, conducted by a member of the archive team.

As settlement for the printing bill, the newspaper was sold to its printer, Joseph Moses Levy.

Levy re-launched the paper on 17th September 1855, appointing his son Edward Levy-Lawson and Thornton Leigh Hunt as Editors-in-Chief.

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