Ted turner dating marlo hampton

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But the shocking thing was when she shared her words about her love it showed that she isn't severe towards her relationship.She shared that, As per now, Marlo is enjoying her love life with Peter Thomas.

So, if you want to know how her life is besides being the celebrity then keep reading this article till the end!

Since the fight, various blogs and have been speculating that Atlanta billionaire Ted Turner is Marlo’s sugar daddy, but an Atlanta insider tells exclusively, “Absolutely NOT!

She wishes he were.”The insider believes that Marlo has her own agenda: “[This is] just her trying to divert the talk from her criminal past AND the fact she was caught using the word f***ot!

How you want to be married, you’re crying fake tears about being married.

And then I salute you – you done went and paid men to be on there to be your boyfriend.

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