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The first time I "almost fell for it" but as the session went on it got extremely fishy!He stated that he can't divulge that to me as he is not authorized to do so.An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.Thanks.-Submitted by: Glenn51Hi my name is Glenn, screen name Glenn51.I've been receiving phone calls to my home phone over the better part of 2 months on the averageof 2 sometimes 3 times per week regarding my Windows operating system.I then ended the phone session and called Microsoft directly via phone.

Now we analyze in detail the possibilities Chat Random, which is not so much.

If the caller can't identify the company or give me a phone number, then I refuse to give them my time.

I have a question for you and it might make a goodpost on your CNet community page.

I then told him that sincehe isn't authorized to release that information, then I was not authorized to communicate with him.

I\u0027d like to knowif anyone else is being harassed or bothered by similar phone calls.