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Tao of steve dating

Playboy online has published his secrets of “scoring with smart chicks,” complete with a kind of Cliff’s Notes on Socrates, Kant and Nietzsche to get guys started. He is negotiating with 20th Century Fox for a television show. Duncan North says it all began 20 years ago in a Georgetown fern bar.He and his companions, 16-year-olds with fake IDs, were on the make. You are a Ray (a Steve gone bad) if you answered: 5-C.Another time, North found himself competing with his roommate, a muscular, chiseled-jaw young man, for the affections of a Vargas girl look-alike. The relationships do not always end well, and some do not end when they should.

He wanted to be Steve Mc Queen, Steve Austin and Steve Mc Garrett rolled into one--a self-contained hero who always got the girl without trying.

When he tried the theory out later, it worked, he says, every single time.

North’s love life might have remained his own business were it not for filmmaker sisters Jenniphr and Greer Goodman, friends who used his life and theory as the basis for an independent film, “The Tao of Steve,” a crowd tickler at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and one whose popularity is growing by word of mouth.

When the truth comes out, Dex is finally forced to confront the realities of his life: not in terms of conquests and image, but on the most fundamental emotional level.

Jenniphr Goodman, a native of Santa Fe, New Mexico, directed her first feature "The Tao of Steve" after graduating with honors in Directing from New York University's Graduate Film School.

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His friends tried “to pick her up with all the usual one-liner things, like, ‘You’re pretty.’ ‘You have nice hair.’ ‘You smell good.’ ‘You’re smart.’ Laughing at everything she said.” He realized he didn’t have a chance. You are a Phil (the average American male) if you answered: 1-B.

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