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Tamagotchi tama go dating place

Press the C Button to go back if you make a mistake. You are left with the baby, which is the start of the next generation. Once you press the Reset button, you will be asked if you want to load the last tama you had or to reset the toy.To see its stats, go to the "Pet Stats" menu (first icon.) The first screen shows Hungry and Happy levels. Whenever your tama gets sick, go to the "Medicine" icon (sixth icon) to cure him/her. If two adult characters of a different gender have a great friendship level, they will mate if you connect them enough. Then, on one Plus Color toy, there will be a sign that translates to "AWAY." On the other Plus Color toy, a small church will appear. Select the first choice (Load) if you want to load the last tama you had.Your “My Tama” may be able to find the best My Tama partner!Let’s join the party to find the best partner for your My Tama.

) Tamagotchi Meets / On Mobile App - Compatible with Tamagotchi Meets & Tamagotchi M! Eevee X Tamagotchi Guides MORE TAMAGOTCHI GUIDES ON NEOMAMETCHI FORUM TAMATOWN has loads of guides and FAQ's. Sumikko Atsume English Translation Guide - Created by Rachel for Fuzzy N Chic Printable Faceplates - Created by Fuzzy N Chic Sumikko Sagashi English Translation Guide - Created by Rachel for Fuzzy N Chic (this guide is incomplete, so I would appreciate any contribution!

The batteries need to be in the same direction (the negative side facing up.) Put the cover back on and press the reset button.

Once you press "Reset," your Plus Color will turn on. Press the A Button to scroll through the numbers and the B Button to select the number.

You must install AAA batteries before you do anything.

Press the small button on the battery cover and slide it off.

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【Game Description】 Tamagotchi ON APP is a communication APP to connect Tamagotchi characters. ◇◆ Go to the park with either a My Tama chosen each visit or with your own My Tama from your device.