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Just avoid the guys who are all "You can't wear heels" or try to fight every guy who glances at your direction (Unless you're into that.)When I did date the taller girls I never felt "awkward" being around a girl that tall. People gave us odd looks and while I'm usually the type of guy who gets totally weirded out by strange social interactions in these situations I didn't give a fuck.

Kennedy married Aristotle Onasis, the shipping magnet. Whether one is tall or short, the question is whether one is attracted to each other for whatever the reason may be.I have also had a few amazing relationships with taller girlfriends.If you ever find a guy like me, a shorter guy who can appreciate you being tall without overly fetishizing your tallness then I think you'll be able get along just fine.I want to try and start giving guys who are shorter than me a chance.I just wanted to hear anyones experiences with it, good or bad.

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" and "I'd better keep doing the right things to keep this one." In fact the few times we did anything formal I encouraged them to wear heels.

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