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The two dancers, who are in the Top 4 with Kiki Nyemchek and Koine Iwasaki, performed a sweet number choreographed by Mia Michaels and showed off their love.

Some fans who watched the performance were surprised that Taylor and Lex actually kissed during their performance, and were even more surprised that they’ve been a couple for a while!

The duet includes a difficult prop which is an apple the dancers battle over.

The dance emotionally hits everybody including the judges.

Despite their success, the constant travel and Murphy's domestic commitments took their toll. She acted as a dance double for Julia Roberts in the movie Something to Talk About and appeared in Dance With Me, starring Vanessa L. She appeared in the 2010 movie "Degrassi Takes Manhattan" as a worker at a casino wedding chapel.

Murphy had opened the Champion Ballroom Academy in San Diego in 1990 and found it difficult splitting herself between these two obligations. Open Standard final in an unprecedented six months. Murphy was part of the original guest judge and choreographer pool when season 1 began in 2005.

Afterwards, she performed her weekly duet with her partner, Aaron Turner.

Humorously, Wayne Brady asks where Jasmine was when he was twenty.

As much as everyone worried that they would mess up, they didn't.

The judges laugh and compliment at Aaron and Jasmine's attitude and acting in the dance. " In this episode Jasmine performs a Sonya Tayeh and Dmitri Chapman contemporary/jazz routine where she once again, lands a special part.

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After graduating from Ohio University with a degree in physical education and a minor in modern dance, Murphy moved to Washington, D. She became an instructor after only one week, and the studio owner invited her to attend the United States Ballroom Championships in New York City, which was the event that influenced her to commit to a career in ballroom dancing. Open Championships in England, she met Manfred Stiglitz and a dancing partnership was formed.

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Nigel Lythgoe explains the story of, "The Giving Tree," and comments, "It's all about unconditional love and that's what I feel you two (Jasmine and Aaron) have as partners. I love you as a couple, I really do." This week, Jasmine Harper and Aaron Turner get a brief special part in Nakul's Bollywood routine. It is a gritty, old western, hip hop routine Nappy Tabs created.