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The company extended its lines to include restaurant and retail consumer chinaware and various ceramic wares such as storage containers, planters, bed pans, serving vessels and table accessories. In 1878, the company was located in the old village of Geddes at the corner of Furnace Street (West Fayette Street) and School Street.The town was annexed into the city of Syracuse during 1886, and many of the street names were changed. Popular taste demanded a finer ceramic tableware than the heavy pottery made by early ceramic companies.English workers were at a premium until immigration laws tightened up and the potteries had to rely on American workers.

Events at member's homes and camps are not listed on the internet.On August 4, 1868, the group announced the sale of capital stock to the amount of ,000; however, they raised significantly less.Under Clark's direction, a line of "white ware" for table use was added.Farrar's product line grew to include a red ware styled after Rockingham, reproducing English ware such as cast dogs and spittoons.Farrar Pottery also produced "wheel-thrown," salt-glazed, heavy, utilitarian urns, whiskey jugs, pie plates, butter crocks and mixing bowls in stoneware.

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