Symantec endpoint manager not updating definitions

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Symantec endpoint manager not updating definitions

Fix ID: 4019330, 4137958, 4168444 Symptoms: When Live Update runs on the Symantec Endpoint Protection client for Mac, a network proxy authentication dialog pops up, even when an anonymous proxy is already configured.

Solution: Fixed proxy info processing to better handle anonymous proxies.

Solution: Corrected the character set that is used during the processing of usernames.

Fix ID: 4168710 Symptoms: The cc Svc Hst process crashes when VLANs are enabled. Solution: Corrected hostname processing along with conflicting IPv4/IPv6 rules.

Solution: Initialized def Utils with the configuration file /etc/Symantec.

Conf, so that Live Update works properly when it runs along with other Symantec products.

Solution: Updated the root certificate cross-signing for the Teefer file based on Microsoft’s recently changed signing requirements.

Solution: Added an exception handler to handle certain cases when modifying the Management Server List.

As a result, other OUs from other AD servers cannot synchronize. Solution: Add a Null Pointer check in the Active Directory synchronization process to avoid incorrect processing in certain cases.

Fix ID: 4148088, 4083467, 4167749 Symptoms: Installation or migration of Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager fails when you choose Windows Authentication for the SQL Server database and then add custom users.

You will also need copies of the latest Virus and Spyware definitions content from your Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM).

Fix ID: 4136019 Symptoms: Domain import fails with the error: Zip file is empty.

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Solution: Updated Auto-Protect to cause less load on authentication services during normal use.

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