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Swimmers dating olympic dating marathon

(Which is also how tall Missy Franklin and Aussie sprinter Cate Campbell are.) But fear not my vertically challenged friends, there is still room for those who weren’t born to NBA-sized parents. David Berkoff, the guy whose underwater dolphin kick was one of the stories of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, was 5’8.

During the winter they are the ones who have water-logged heads for the first couple hours of the day, with the tops of the back of their shirts and sweaters becoming soggy.The overhead movement required for fast swimming means we have flexible lats, shoulders and back.After all, whipping our arms above our shoulders for thousands of meters on end requires them to be at least mildly flexible.And no matter where you are at in the world you can spot a fellow swimmer by the high shoulder to waist ratio.Despite all of our (relative) strength, and the shocking amount of time spent both in the pool and in the weight room, we are . Unlike our land-locked sporting brothers and sisters we compete in a medium that is trying to slow us down at every turn.

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From the kazillions of pulls we perform over the course of our swimming careers these muscles get rather, well, large.

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