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Although the onus is part­ly on queer peo­ple to be nicer to each oth­er, Grindr attempt­ed to com­bat dis­crim­i­na­tion by launch­ing its Grindr offers dis­trac­tion, a tem­po­rary balm for anx­i­ety and lone­li­ness, but I won­der if it might also pla­cate peo­ple, so they nev­er exam­ine why they feel those things in the first place.” The stakes are high­er in coun­tries where queer peo­ple are per­se­cut­ed.I used to live in Egypt, where open­ing Grindr trig­gers a mes­sage in Ara­bic warn­ing users that the app is sur­veyed by under­cov­er police.Her­rick asked Grindr to ban his ex from the app, but was ignored.He took Grindr to court, and lost – there are pow­er­ful laws in Amer­i­ca pro­tect­ing tech­nol­o­gy plat­forms from lia­bil­i­ty for the actions of their users.While some view tech­nol­o­gy as neu­tral, nei­ther good nor bad, an application’s archi­tec­ture facil­i­tates cer­tain behav­iours.In dat­ing apps, these may be ques­tion­able: pro­mot­ing super­fi­cial­i­ty, or encour­ag­ing users to spend more time on the app, rather than actu­al­ly meet­ing in real life.The unpre­dictable tim­ing of this reward is key to the app’s addic­tive­ness, work­ing by a psy­cho­log­i­cal prin­ci­ple known as vari­able ratio rein­force­ment, which is also what makes slot machines addic­tive.When tech non­prof­it Cen­ter for Human Tech­nol­o­gy sur­veyed i Phone users, it found Grindr was the app that made its users most unhap­py, fol­lowed by Can­dy Crush Saga and Facebook.

Noth­ing holds your atten­tion like the poten­tial for great sex at any moment.

The blind trust users place in each oth­er, let­ting a stranger into their house in the mid­dle of the night, is astonishing.

Grindr’s defence in the Her­rick case was that it doesn’t ask for per­son­al details, mak­ing it hard to crack down on an indi­vid­ual user.

There are no open spaces for the Egypt­ian com­mu­ni­ty to gath­er, so Grindr is a cru­cial plat­form for peo­ple to come to terms with their sex­u­al­i­ty.

Yet it is also dan­ger­ous: police use the app to lure gay men into meet­ing them, then arrest them on the spot.

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It is the largest queer social net­work in the world, with around four mil­lion dai­ly users in . It used the i Phone’s geolo­ca­tion tech­nol­o­gy to become the first dat­ing app that could find match­es based on prox­im­i­ty, paving the way for Tin­der and Bum­ble years lat­er.