Statistics updating resource allocation

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Statistics updating resource allocation

This may take the form of a delay in treatment or a refusal to prescribe certain medicines.Patients can at any stage seek private care although, in practice, this accounts for only a small proportion of health care in the United Kingdom.

RAWP also broke down health care into a small number of broad categories of conditions and the index of relative need for care for each category was determined by applying the condition-specific SMR to the population of an area.

With the exception of emergency treatment, patients can gain access to NHS hospital care only if they are referred by their GP.

The GPs therefore act as gatekeepers to hospital and community care and prescription medicines.

The costs of all local health care are met from within the local PCT’s fixed budget, as set by the national ministry.

If hospital referrals or other aspects of local clinical practice imply expenditure in excess of the local budget, then some sort of rationing takes place.

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These were in turn adjusted by a series of standardized mortality ratios (SMR).