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Standards in dating

You’re a well-adjusted, healthy individual who doesn’t play relationship games, but can your boyfriend tick these important boxes?If not, then you’re in different places and you deserve someone who has their act together. When you have exciting career news or you want to share a hilarious thing you saw on the bus to work, something stops you.That’s really important for finding a long-term and loving relationship. I’m here to absolutely “rock your love world.” Read More…

If you can’t be yourself, what’s the point of being in the relationship?

But maybe you’ve had trouble meeting men (online and offline), and so whenever you do meet someone, you’re willing to come down in your standards quite a bit. Is there something you’re already ignoring just because you want to go on a date?

Maybe he said something racist in your dating app and you chose to overlook it. It may be that you want different things for the future.

via GIPHY So…where do your people standards fall right now?

Your standards will vanish into the air like an eagle flying through the night!

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For the second aspect of having high standards, we look at relationship standards. Some combine to form unique substances, while others are toxic and highly combustible. It’s only natural that you won’t combine well with everyone you date. Make a list of those relationship standards, if it helps to keep them in the forefront of your mind.