Sprung the dating game ds walkthrough

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If you find this file at another location than the allowed locations below, please contact me using the same contact address. Permission can be asked using the contact address below, but is not guaranteed.Everybody is determined to hook up with someone and to have a lot of fun.As Becky or Brett you need to take in account all the relationships between people to reach your own goals, by playing people against each other, make them feel special or to confront them.For this awesome game, and that one FAQ was not enough to fit my need.2) Does being your best friend mean I get to get it on with all your friends? The layout has been changed and generating it is now automated. This file may only be printed or saved for personal use. Even online files are covered by the international copyright law, usage without permission can thereby be fought out in court.

If somebody does know how these two parts can be unlocked, please let me know.

I first played with Brett, then with Becky, first as a model and then as a waitress. She has a bit of a dorky appearance and some very uninteresting hobbies. SHANA A dreamy and not so down to earth kind of girl, a modern hippy dealing with astrology and spiritual stuff.

A Golden Line stays open after finding generally all of them with both characters.

Only serious questions of which the answer isn't already in this file will be responded to.

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It is mentioned when you unlock an item or image, but with images that sometimes depends on how many items you've collected and that in turn is connected to the levels you've completed with both characters in certain ways.

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