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Spencer duhm dating

And, when someone had to leave before the show, Jeff Probst had some fun at your expense. He and one of the other producers came down and they were like, Yeah, it doesnt look like its going to work out for next season.

A fan of SURVIVOR since day one, which began when he was still in grade school, Spencer can practically do a Castaway roll-call all the way from SURVIVOR: Borneo.Nor are they the first gay couple, as Brad and JP dated during Cook Islands.The CBS show has a much better track record with creating lasting relationships Exclusive Interview: Spencer Duhm, from ' Survivor: Tocantins' Friday, March 13, 2009 It's hard to believe that Spencer Duhm didn't kind of get screwed last night on Survivor: Tocantins.Is one sub-par challenge performance enough reason to vote a person out of your tribe?If your tribe is Jalapao, then this appeared to be the case.

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We had a chance to discuss JTs tooth, Jeff Probsts evil prank, and the truth behind the all-male alliance that we never saw. When I went down to the water to talk to JT, they were still really upset about the challenge. We had a guy alliance from day two, and when I tried to make an alliance with Joe and Sydney they thought I was being sneaky. Spencer: Well, we re-upped the guy alliance as the priority alliance in the tribe, and we were getting ready to get rid of the girls.

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