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Speedsterdating com

It's only when she rings the Liberty Bell that her strength and speed are temporarily enhanced, thus making her superhuman.

However, unlike other speedsters, she doesn't have constant super-speed.

Although his powers are derived from the Speed Force, he, like several other speedsters, does not have a strong connection to the extra-dimensional energy.

Of all the speedsters on this list, Max Crandall's origin is perhaps the most intriguing.

At one point, he even grew to be eight-years-old practically overnight.

The story surrounding the birth of Wally and Linda's twins is convoluted, involving the villain Zoom and time travel.

The advent of the superhero brought about the Golden Age of Comics during dire times, such as the Great Depression and the Second World War, which is why the majority of superheroes during this period can be seen fighting alongside Allied forces.

One such character was Libby Lawrence, AKA Liberty Belle, an athlete who escaped mainland Europe by swimming across the English Channel following the Nazi's invasion of Poland.

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When visiting Philadelphia, Libby encounters Tom Revere, a guard at Independence Hall.