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Speeddatingeurope com

’ which led to the tale of a cultivated Spanish princess marrying a brutish prince whose boorish table manners – even with the addition of utensils – still necessitated the tines only touch the table in order to mitigate the filth… " data-medium-file="https://5050light.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/vernon-head-shot.jpg? w=252" data-large-file="https://5050light.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/vernon-head-shot.jpg? w=252" src="https://5050light.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/vernon-head-shot.jpg? w=231&h=231&crop=1" width="231" height="231" data-original-width="231" data-original-height="231" itemprop=" title="vernon theiss" alt="Vernon Theiss" style="width: 231px; height: 231px;" / " data-medium-file="https://5050light.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/gil-head-shot-2.jpg?

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I figured if I planned a lunch instead of dinner I could probably maximize my budget to be able to afford somewhere a bit nicer.

So I google’d ‘Most amazing lunch in London’ and up popped Restaurant Story.

Don’t know if you’ve been in a London cab lately, but they’re not the most economical way to get around​ town​ ​l​et alone the English countryside.

Hundred painful dollars later ​( exchange rate credit card fees) arrive just in nick of time to 1.) be relieved of ​most costly toiletries by security and 2.) ​be ​whisked off to Paris. Find an open door with gynormous cluster of people crammed in – looks interesting – a band’s setting up.

Music flows over the crowd beautifully, energetically; hilarious false start to The Luminaires One of my absolute favorite projects that I’ve been working on for the upcoming show is called “The Candle” – an encaustic piece over a photograph, inspired by a meal I had in London last November on my ‘speed dating Europe’ trip. Yet, if you are single, chances are that you can’t shake off the memory of couples involved in blunt, undisturbed public displays of affection.Its that time of the year when single people are encouraged to either hide in shame, or find themselves a galentine, and indulge in self care and generous amounts of chocolate.Personally, I don’t think anyone should feel particularly miserable if they’re not coupled up for Valentine’s Day, nor do I think anyone really needs a survival guide to go through this consumeristic, diabetes-inducing holiday.I do think, though, that technology can come to the rescue if someone is feeling lonely and in need of meaningful companionship – any day of the year.

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Being able to achieve this using the most humble course in the meal makes it that much more effective.

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