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Speed dating phoenix

If you are considering joining and cannot tolerate people of a different age, ethnicity or political views, please DON'T JOIN and consider one of the groups below. While we are not for everyone, we do compare favorably to other groups...Take a look at other groups and check them out on review websites like and others to find out more.Since the early 2000's, the internet has been connecting people through Facebook, Meetup and other social media sites.This is good to an extent, but the basics of how to talk with people, how to interact face-to-face and how to just put the phone down and live life, have been lost.When most people check out Meetup to see which event to attend, they pick a date to search and look for events.They scroll down to see what events have large groups of people attending, then they look at the profiles to see if they want to meet the people attending.We don't care about your ethnicity, culture, religion, political views, WE RESPECT THEM ALL!

We want our members to be safe when they attend events and we feel that it will attract more quality people to the group.

Remember when you do your search that the BBB is a service that people pay to get Meetup Groups.

There are several Meetup Groups in the Phoenix area that are run fairly well. Meetup has become a platform that anyone can post 'events', which many times turn out to be a DJ trying to get people to his club, a lonely person trying to get someone to do something they want to do and sometimes they are well-intentioned, but no one RSVPs.

Of the ones with 20 RSVPs, they are specific to a group (Seniors, 20's & 30's, Coders, one gender or ethnicity, etc.) which excludes many people from attending.

The other reason to be weary is that ANYONE can join and some have been know to create fake profiles.

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