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Speed dating indian professionals chicago

Historic Graffiti: Fear, Hope, and Faith in Stone by Crystal Hollis If walls could speak what would they say about buildings hundreds of years old?

Historic graffiti are the stories of the regular everyday person hidden in plain sight in numerous historic buildings throughout the UK. (But don’t rest on your warm little laurels; the jet streams are still destabilizing…) It’s time to celebrate with another night of drinking and learning really interesting things. Seth is the Manager of Horticulture at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, with nearly twenty years experience in the plant biz. It doesn’t have to be a shirt – wear your chemical structure earrings, shark socks, or official Star Trek cufflinks. Verily, any article of clothing which puts thy nerdery on display where the audience can see it.

Kevin Curran is a Chicago attorney at a non-for-profit agency working with survivors of domestic violence. Join us for a drink (or drinks) as we learn about what happens when your brain freaks out, why your grandmother told you not to leave out potato salad, and how protecting the children from movie influences morphed into mass murder being less scary than a penis. The Vagus Nerve manages your cardiovascular system and your flight or fight responses, but there is so much more.

As you may guess from this being a whole talk on the topic, the Motion Picture Association of America shapes the breadth of our country’s cinemagraphic art more than you may realize. Do you think pirate talk was all “Avast, ye miserable scallywags! From the Cape of Good Hope to Cape Horn, from Greenland to Antarctica, come and hear tell of the convoluted tale of the Scourge of the Seas!

From the Hayes Code of the 1930s to this month’s controversy over Lars von Trier’s new movie, you’ll learn about the historical arc of the shaping of American movie censorship. Did you hear the one where a pair of multi-Solar-mass black holes do-si-do’ed into a single, giant object?

One used charm, one used brute force, and one played politics with a skill that would have made Machiavelli go pale and clutch nearby furniture for support.

Sure, they all lost, but so did most of the men who took on the Empire. Unlike that time at your thesis defense, drinking and good-natured outbursts are encouraged!

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I’ll take you through the science behind fecal microbial transplants as a treatment for disease.

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