Speed dating in naperville il

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Speed dating in naperville il

As we all know, as we get older it's hard to meet new people.

Match up your lock and keys as you mingle to earn prizes.

Maybe it's a holiday gathering, a charitable event or something you've just always wanted to try.

Do you have a bucket list or what I call a "list of fabulousness?

Ladies who are in relationships but not married and do not have children are welcome too.

Are you tired of staying at home alone on weekends thinking about what your couple friends are doing...without you? No matter your age, you can now have a safe place to meet other ladies from many facets of life, learn new things, have new experiences and see new places.

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(Single Women and No Kids)BEFORE READING ANY FURTHER... Are you tired of people asking you why you never had children? All of you SWANKY ladies deserve to show your fabulous selves to the world..to your flat screen, sofa, cat or canine every night.

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