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The changes are described as " a further National-Socialisa- tion ot the nation." General von Brauchitsch, the new Commander-in-Chief, is 57. He belongs to a noble Prussian family with a military tradition" but outside Army circles little is known about him.

Pictures of Peel, painted^ ty local —a rtists, s hn Vv a T;ni,l".v\e Fri Vn\- built" mail wearing a tall hat and a niuyh cloth spun from the wool of the countryside slieep. Earth flew in ail directions as the crimson-faced would-be golfer attempted to strike the ball. " exclaimed the child, joyously, " I would like that big dolly." " But, darling," sairr". hj Uf, rjiliilor jti J phoot ll.,lrl Ucml,r.inill, S., Urnj'"! PRESS- ON ^ c s l Aifli h|, Io^ ^I^IIH D O L M A ^7| I'll 1 I. All the French newspapers broughl into Germany to-day and aome of the English and other foreign papers were confiscated b\ the Secret Police. diret-tiy under mv command, as the Supreme Command ol the Armed Forces and as my military s Wff. ci Mleal »igri Uiiiincu Ul I poitl LJy W 13 down 18 facluri L Valle; ■ Ik- ■ Gil siderabh dl, D,-.-l tai ids and Weill T^irw, where four seams are lip^nu' worked, is being electrified and I'onnect^-d witl. " The staff of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces will be headed by the lormer chief ot the Of Bee ol the Ajmed Forces (l»a 17 flinl ()|. Paiiioiu refuxil In j1 Ixiy li A nvrned ganoriii -.,. the neighbonrins Raglan I'o iiery, which is to be re-npeiied after lying idle for four years. BOOKS FOR CREW LIBRARY It would be if passengers would kindly donate books for which they have no further use to the Crew I.ibrarv. • r-|ii.i\vess on the hunting field wiiiil.l nil iii,volumes, for runs of. eight to iliveii hours were common enough when snow, covering the peaks, forced the fox to visit mountain after mountain before going to earth. when Peel's hounds covered 70 miles and visited eleven parishes before the kill.

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Lammers, Secretary of State in the Reich Chancellery. Wi'.^tinj^house 104 MONTREAL STOCK EXCHANGE nalhqrsl l Oi Howard Smith 13i Bell Tel IK) Imp.

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