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SAO is one of the best examples of having an introverted main character.Kazuto Kirigaya, better known as “Kirito” is the main protagonist of the show.3 of the main characters: Yui Kiriyama, Inaba Himeko and Taichi Yagashi are introverts.With Yui Kiriyama and Inaba Himeko being the most introverted out of the 3.Related: 7 Kodaka Hasegawa Quotes From Haganai Anime.

Like Future Diary, Kokoro Connect is a psychological anime series in the school genre with a twist.

He’s not the most talented in the show, but because he tends to think deeper than everyone else, he’s able to overcome big hurdles. Izuku is one of the most intelligent introverted main characters on this list without a doubt. Haganai is similar to Watashi because even though it’s a slice of life, it has deep elements to it. A student who along with Yozara forms a group: The Neighbors Club.

The clubs purpose is to help Kodaka and Yozara make new friends.

Yuki Amano is kind hearted, fearful, and terrified of others socially.

But this part of him changes by the end of the series.

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You might not have heard of Kokoro Connect, but if you want something fresh in the school category its worth watching.