Sophos enterprise solutions updating mandating the use

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Sophos enterprise solutions updating

This folder (of both items) gets copied to the client Mac and my scripts looks inside the folder and then inside the Sophos installer to find and run the Sophos commandline tool to do the actual installation.If you look at my further updated script you will see the name of the folder that you must use or otherwise you need to modify my script to the name of the folder you have chosen.Sophos have provided a Mac version of their Anti-Virus software for a long time and uniquely also used to provide a Mac tool for providing an internal corporate deployment and update service for this.This tool was called 'Sophos Update Manager' (SUM) it did two things.SUM does not support SAV9 and so far Sophos have shown no interest in providing an updated version.Sophos do provide a standalone installer for SAV9 which will automatically if needed uninstall SAV8 and replace it with SAV9, and this installer can be pre-configured with the credentials needed to get updates directly from Sophos' servers.However not only does SAV8 not officially support running on OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) SAV8 is also due to be discontinued in April 2014.

This means I had to modify my script to copy both the installer application and this folder, I did this by putting both the Sophos installer and their settings folder inside another folder.As an aside the free home edition of Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac is also based on the same custom application.So at this point the only official options were to buy a Windows Server just so you could run Sophos Enterprise Console, something that would have cost a fortune even if you run it in a virtual machine as you not only would have to buy Windows Server but also all the Client Access Licenses for all your Macs, or you would have to go round each and every Mac client and manually run the standalone installer application with the huge administrative overhead this entails and the often frequent difficulty to get access to machines.Richard has written this up here however Richard's script only works with the free home edition of Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac which would have been the only version he had access to.I have therefore taken his script and enhanced it so that it works for both the free home edition and also the paid-for official SAV9 standalone installer.

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Firstly it let you build a pre-configured installer package which would include the settings telling Mac clients how to get updates, and secondly it would automatically update this install and folder, it would also put in this folder new anti-virus definitions.

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