Sophia bush and mark foster dating

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Nope, just checking out where Peyton caught Lucas first looking at her artwork after he had fixed her car with the help of Keith.

In 2003, the show "One Tree Hill" was born and stole the hearts of fans of many ages.

It's a good drive away from most of the spots which are in Wilmington, NC.

The beach house is featured a lot in the last seasons of One Tree Hill, especially the episode where Katie and Quinn run around chasing each other after Katie had shot Clay and Quinn a while back.

Their famous kiss in the rain is always a favorite scene from Haley's house.

Seeing Brooke's house made me as happy as when I see my waiter bringing my food to the table or cuddling a cute puppy.

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On the way to the airport, Keith and Lucas were in a car accident which left Lucas critical.