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Socionicsdating com

Leisure Spend some quality leisure time with mentally compatible people. The House of Recreation: leisure facility on the basis of mental compatibility. Relations of duality The description of the most harmonious relationship which is the only one among the 16 that is recomended for family life. We offer the lessons in socionics and audiovisual techniques of definition of socionic types of people.We offer lectures, reports, projects, both to those who are interested in new research in socionics, and those who are not. Structure of mentality The human mind has strengths arranged in a hierarchy - the basic sides, weak sides and auxiliary sides to our personalities.We offer theoretical and parctical lessons for those who wish to deepen the knowledge of socionics. Therefore it is necessary to know your socionic personality type in order to know which mental qualities are the main ones and which are only auxiliary.

Search for partners interested in building of the House of Recreation, which is a sanatorium-type facility for improving health on the basis of mental compatibility. Dialogue Difficulties in understanding between people. Lack of knowledge of one's own individual qualities as well as the qualities of the others always result in misunderstanding, dipping the person in the gloom of loneliness.However, applying socionics to: - schools - counseling - medicine - dating - work Would make a lot of sense in the far future, if they could make socionics into an incredibly accurate science...Socionics is neither science nor pseudoscience, because it's just making an observation then expecting the same thing to happen again.- Adopting families into type is again like `1984`or `Brave New World` - not really a big idea that is going to catch on...- Cities and geographic places arranged by type is like racial segregation - does not make sense...

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We offer to look through an essence and possibilities of socionics to all visitors on our site. 8) Radio -ABC5 - relashionships of duality, features of ILE ( 924 , time 20 min., broadcast ) 9) Radio -ABC6 - characteristics of SEI, (738 B, time - 20 min., broadcast ) 10) Radio - trade Relationships with other people Relationships have natural laws and are predictable.