Small schools consolidating Virtual sexy web cams live

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Small schools consolidating

Lincoln Elementary School in western Loudoun is the oldest school in the county having opened in 1878.It is also the smallest, with 90 students enrolled this year.The most powerful inducement for school consolidation is the claim that one big school is better than two smaller schools; bigger schools provide a wider range of curricular and extracurricular offerings.

The School Board is in the process of scrutinizing the Capital Improvement Program Superintendent Eric Williams has recommended for fiscal years 2020 through 2025.It’s our responsibility to look out for the efficiencies of the school system,” he said.“It’s not a matter of picking on small schools because there are some small schools that I think are justified based on their geography.“If I was sitting on the Board of Supervisors, I would ask is this justifiable, and I’m sitting here having a tough time with that.” Other board members have not yet weighed in on Hornberger’s suggestions, but Assistant Superintendent for Support Services Kevin Lewis said he would get the board more information on the impacts of consolidating those schools and projects.Hornberger specifically asked that Lewis crunch the numbers and report back to the board how much would be saved if the board followed through with his suggestions.

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Ravitch (l984) reports that, while total enrollment in elementary and secondary schools nearly doubled from l945 to l980 (from 23 million to 40 million), the number of schools dropped from l85,000 to under 86,000.

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