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Covered Laugh (giggle) (chuckle) This emote looks very polite – it’s someone laughing behind their hand! If you need time to consider something, there’s no better smilie that the thinking emoticon!

If you just want to have a little chuckle to yourself, it’s the perfect icon! It will make people give you more time before they expect your answer!

Tongue Out : P :=P :-P :p :=p :-p This is another cute smilie for Skype that can show many different messages.

If you put your tongue out of your mouth it can mean that you’re teasing someone!

In love (inlove) If someone does you a big favour, or maybe just says something great, then send them love like this! Angry :@ :[email protected] :[email protected] x( x-( x=( X( X-( X=( There are many different smilies to show that you’re not happy with someone, and the angry icon is perfect for telling someone they’ve crossed the line!

You can also send it to your wife or husband to remind them that you’re always thinking about them! It wasn’t me (wasntme) Are you completely innocent (or at least want everyone to think that it’s not your fault?! Give them this emote and let people know that you had nothing to do with it! (party) Whether it’s your birthday, or just Friday night – why not use the party emoticon on Skype and let everyone know that you are happy that it’s time to relax and unwind!

Hi (hi) A waving hand can open any conversation on Skype or on any online chat program – so wave hello to people with this hi smilie!

Call (call) Skype is of course famous for being a world leader in free VOIP phone calls – so if you need someone to give you a ring then why not show them!

There’s even a little sunlight glinting off the sunglasses to show how cool you are!

Blush (blush) :$ :-$ :=$ :” Did someone just tell you something that made your face go red and blush?

Check out this cool icon you can send to them to let them know you felt their comment in the heart!

Want someone to know that they’re always on your mind? Rain (rain) (london) (st) I’m not sure why this emoticon can be shown by typing ‘london’, but still – it’s rainy in your chat box when you use this weather symbol!

Sun (sun) It’s always sunny in your heart if you use the sunshine symbol for Skype! Time (o) (O) (time) If you need to confirm an appointment with somebody, you can do it easily by writing the exact time next to this cool clock symbol!

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Wink :o:=o:-o: O:=O:-O A wink emoticon can show a whole range of different emotions – it can help you let someone know that you understand their point of view, or even be a little flirty! Crying ;( ;-( ;=( You can’t be happy all the time, and nobody should expect you to be happy 100% of the day. Need to let someone know that you’re under a lot of pressure? The sweat dripping off your face is so funny, especially on the animated one!

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